The Effects Of Racism On African American Women

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Racism has become one of the major issues in humanity in the whole world. It is a belief of people that their race, skin color, ethnic identity is superior than others. Racism is found almost everywhere in the world. In the United States, racism started since the European colonization and still exists in our society. African American have been target of population control strategy, harassment, assault, sexual abuse, rape.
Rapid population growth is one of the major issues everywhere. And women of color are the main victims of population control strategies; especially African American women were targeted for population control measures. “They were coercively used for birth control tactics. Several strategies were used to persuade the African women to use birth control”. (454 cross- 2nd para). For eg ,” women working at some factories report that they must accept an injection of Depo Provera contraceptive in order to keep their jobs”. In United States, involuntary sterilization became part of population control policy, in which African American women were the victims. They were forcefully sterilized. “ In 1970, just under half (43%) of all women sterilized through federal funding were African American” and over ten years later, sterilization abuse prevalent. (454). Similarly,” young African-American girls were sterilized under the threat of either themselves or their family losing welfare benefits”(454).globalisation

These African American Women’s bodies were used as an
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