The Effects Of Racism On Society And The Impact It Has On Children 's Health

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Every day in Australian schools 1 in 5 students experience racism. There are so many words to describe how racism feels. Every student deals with this racism differently. Some may hide from other student’s and retract themselves from the classroom; others may fight back verbally or physically; maybe some will openly talk about how they feel. Across Australia there are thousands of students trying to learn and concentrate in a classroom. However how are these students reaching their full potential when they are exposed to racism and being told by others they are a worthless human being? (Patcher et al, 2010)

This essay will discuss the exposure of racism in society and the impact it has on children’s health, from both direct experiences and vicarious. In addition how exposure to racism for children is leading to cognitive and behavioural problems. There will be a focus on racism in Australia and in particular Aboriginals, however, it will be displayed that racism is a worldwide issue and does impact the health of a number of countries and a wide range of ages.

Racism is any action, behaviour, practice or beliefs that attempts to belittle, harm and offend an individual or group due to their race, religion, culture or ethnicity (VicHealth 2014). It is a worldwide issue that began at the dawn of humanity and is still a problem today. The implications of racism are drastic and affects people’s health in a number of ways. Racism leads to vast cognitive issues such as difficulty…
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