The Effects Of Recycling On The American People Today

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When one hears the word recycle, they imagine an image of a trashcan with green arrows. One may think that throwing plastic and paper products into a bin will save the planet. Not many know the process of what happens behind the scenes. Others are unaware of its effects on America. There exists proof that its lasting effects are beneficial. This may sound too good to be true and there are many questions asked. How does recycling work, and what are its effects on the American people today? These questions address the process of recycling, the pros versus cons of its cost, and its environmental impact in America. Recycling has been going on for millennia. During ancient Rome, people would recycle bronze coins and melt them down into a statue. In times of war, countries would gather all of their metal together and recycle them into weapons. History has continually utilized recycling for gain. Most products of recycling before the 90’s consisted of waste material, glass, and plastics. After that time, electronics were brought into the mix. Recently, recycling itself has become more popularized in the last 30 years. There are various ads on billboards, television, and the Internet about it. Recycling has shown through history that it is beneficial. As people become more aware of their environment and its dangers, they can start to understand and do something to help. Recycling happens with many different kinds of materials. According to the EPA, “Paper and paperboard account
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