The Effects Of Religious Stereotyping And Prejudice On Teens

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The Effects of Religious Stereotyping and Prejudice on Teens All Muslims are terrorists, Jews are greedy bankers, and America is a Christian country. These are just a few of the many stereotypes that cause negative perceptions toward minority religious groups. Every day, religious groups across America experience some form of discrimination because of these stereotypes about their beliefs. Hate crimes and discrimination are on the rise; there have been 31% more hate crimes in 2017 than at this time last year. Teenagers in our society are victims of false religious stereotypes, but so are those who accept and perpetrate these stereotypes. Historically in the United States, stereotyping and prejudice has been a widespread tradition. There…show more content…
Across our country today, discrimination is evident in hate crimes and protests, even more so after the 2016 Presidential election. The events of Charlottesville, VA. represent one of the many examples of religious hatred and divisions. When white supremacists shouted “the Jewish oligarchs and the capitalists and the bankers want to enslave the entire world” they were referring to old, ugly stereotypes (Times). These white supremacists are still cling to the view that Jews are collectively greedy and evil. The hatred doesn’t end with Judaism. There have been “35 attacks on mosques — including vandalism, break-ins and death threats” that have occurred in just the first few months of Trump’s presidency (Goldberg). People are verbally and physically attacking Muslims based on misunderstanding their religious beliefs. The most prominent issue today is demonstrated by President Trump’s travel ban. The ban attempts to block access to America from Muslim-dominated countries despite the fact that “no citizen from the barred countries has carried out a fatal terrorist attack in the USA” (Board). Many Americans wish to deny Muslims access to America based on the stereotype that all Muslims are radical terrorists. When people today have negative perceptions of religious groups other than their own, these perceptions create a divided America. Religious stereotyping and prejudice aren’t just limited to adults; teens are joining in as well. For instance,
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