The Effects Of Resistance On Children 's Life

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Resistance is defined as the refusal to accept or comply with something. Being the person I am, I tend to not be accepting of anything that goes against my morals, beliefs, and life style. When I got married my husband’s was raised so differently from me, we had been raised in two different worlds and it caused me to slowly become more open to others. When we decided to become foster parents and mentors of adolescents it seemed that as if the worlds we grew up in came together to make an impact. The way my kids were raised it tested my patients and compassion and in a sense began to harden my heart. As we come across different personalities and different home situations, most of the adolescents we encounter, including our foster…show more content…
Their mission statement is to facilitate and promote the building of resilient children, healthy families, and strong neighborhoods & communities through collaboration, programming, and resource development. The reason for my psychology degree is for me to understand the human mind and behavior so I can help build resilient teens. My husband and I formed a basketball program with the intent to teach and develop life skills, relationship with Christ and family unity. My focus has always been the adolescent because it has always been easier to access them, but through my practicum, I have learned that improved parenting is the most important goal of child abuse prevention (Barth). Granted, I know there are cases where adolescents are overly defiant no matter what but researchers have identified five common co- occurring issues for reasons parents maltreat their children—parental substance abuse, parental mental illness, domestic violence, child conduct problems, and family poverty (Barth 96). I often encounter families with parental substance abuse and family poverty. Often we don’t understand what we don’t experience, it is easy to judge and expect a parent to place a child as the main priority. Caregiver who abuse substance may place a higher priority on their drug use than on caring for their children’s needs… (Barth). Working on my practicum and doing research I learned that
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