The Effects Of Risk Management On The United States

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Crisis is a complex, devastating event or event that burdens the abilities of the people who are trying to manage and live with the event that has occurred. As well as the effects it has on society, organizations, groups, or individuals as well as other things trying to exist during the event. One example of Crisis is the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, after the United States failed attempt to overthrow Castro Regime at the Bay of Pigs; Castro began moving Soviet Nuclear missile into to Cuba to prevent any further attacks by the United States. Risk Management is the process that is use when identifying, analyzing, and either accepting or mitigating of uncertainty in decision making. Essentially risk management occurs when there is a…show more content…
In doing so this would make a risky situations become quite safe. The Normal Accident Theory (NAT) is no matter how hard we try, there will always be serious accidents and crisis that will occur. Especially in a risky system a small problem can escalate into a larger problem in a matter of seconds causing a catastrophic event. The event will then challenge the best safety systems and prevention techniques creating inevitable errors that then defeat even the best safety systems. The High Reliability Theory seems to be the best way to prepare myself for crisis management. The reason for this is it allows me to collect historical knowledge of past crisis and use the information I learned to create a safer plan to prevent or reduce the effect of the same crisis or a new similar type crisis was to occur. With the information I gained I would use it to assist and guide others in a way that would prepare them for the possible arrival of a crisis occurrences. Actions that I believe should be taken in order to lower the risk of a crisis is to begin with a crisis management plan, creating and properly training a team to handle the crisis situation, and to run crisis management drill to improve the effectiveness of the plan and to ensure the team have the proper training. It is imperative that the crisis management plan be updated yearly, ensure that there is always a crisis management team on standby, make sure they are well
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