The Effects Of Running On Physical Activity

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For most people taking up running as a hobby, their biggest motivator is the need to avoid cardiovascular diseases, followed by a need to exercise the muscles. Research indicates that engaging in physical activity such as running boosts high-density lipoprotein, otherwise known as good cholesterol, and reduces triglycerides (, 2016). A study carried out covering 55,000 participants found that over a fifteen-year period, participants who exercised for an average of 50 minutes a day were less likely to contract Life in the contemporary world continues to become increasingly diverse and demanding. Not only are the financial and social aspects crucial, but physical fitness has also become a cause for alarm in recent times. This has perhaps been driven by the increment in lifestyle diseases, and the desire to lead longer and healthier lives has led many to consider engaging in physical activity for a range of purposes. One such activity is running, which when taken up, comes with many benefits. Research suggests that running can be beneficial to one 's well-being because it can lower stress levels, contribute to the exercise needed for a healthy heart and body and it helps burn more calories than walking. cardiovascular disease (Pendick, 2014). This is cemented by evidence from research by Steven Blair, Yiling Cheng and Scott Holder, which indicated that there is a proven scientific correlation between physical activity engagement, and health problem aversion,
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