The Effects Of School Violence On Schools

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Scenario one: School violence has turned out to be widespread, its impact has greatly affected students, municipal officials, and law enforcement agencies across the region. This particular offense goes unreported and unnoticed in most schools, however, it is the cause of school shootings. Because bullying is something that take place on the school bus, and on school grounds it must be of importance. School bulling attributes to three-quarters of the crime that is committed on innocent bystanders. This issue is increasing in schools across the nation, therefore you have been tasked to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Each and every student and potential student is threatened by falling victim to this crime unless something is done about it. We seek to find a permanent solution to a consistent problem.
I. Is bulling considered a crime? Bulling is in fact illegal according to the state laws.
II. If bullying is reported will there be a lawful conviction? There are many cases that have led to the conviction of the offender.
III. Is bulling limited to school officials? There should be a formal investigation of any cases of bullying by the police department with the cooperation of school administration.
• There will be appointed leaders in each and every school. These leaders will consist of a student from each grade level, one teach from each grade level, principal, parents, outside resources such as a counselor, law enforcement and a security…

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