The Effects Of Self Perception, Behavior, And Behavior Of Children From Infancy Into Adulthood

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Week Four
NURS 6541, N-11 This week?s topic is developmental and growth issues that may have an impact on mental wellness, self-perception, and behavior of children from infancy into adulthood. For the purpose of discussion I will evaluate issues of self-perception, behavior, and mental wellness in school-aged children. I will also evaluate strategies to mitigate the promotion of positive behavior, mental wellness, and good self-perception. Also, I will provide additional educational and support resources for parents.
Self-perception evolves at each stage of growth and development. As children enter school, they become more self-aware. Therefore, peers, activities, and friendships play a fundamental role in the elaboration of an individual?s self-perception. These various factors help to mold the personality and character of a child. Children between the ages of five to eleven place a lot of value on their physical skills and achievements, social acceptance, appearance, and level of control. Many young people have a tendency to compare themselves with other people their age. This time of self-discovery is often clouded by the need to fit in and often to a rigid set of linear social rules of what other children their age think of them. Therefore, the parents must make their children feel competent, loved, and have self-respect (Burns, Dunn, Brady, Starr, & Blosser, 2013).
Mental Wellness Issue Anxiety is an extremely common
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