The Effects Of Sensory Processing Disorder And How Intervention ( Or Therapy ) Can Help

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Everyone has senses. It is taken for granted that our senses will work properly and will react properly and will react properly. For children who, for whatever reason, have experienced developmental interruptions or trauma their senses are dysfunctional. Without intervention or therapy, these children will not have a positive childhood, and will have difficulty succeeding in school and in life. In this paper, we will explore the individual senses, how the senses react when they are dysfunctional, and how intervention(or therapy) can help. Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a neurological disorder which the brain does not not respond to or retain information properly. This can cause disorderliness in the person’s everyday life…show more content…
Children who have low levels of energy get tired easily, are considered an “easy baby or toddler” and can seem disinterested in the outside world. Postural disorder involves having problems with balancing, coordination with both sides of the body simultaneously, and movement patterns. The child with dyspraxic problems has difficulty with “coordinated and voluntary actions.” According to Dr. Jean Ayres, “Touch is one of the senses that is especially involved in the on-going process contributing to perception of other type of sensation. Touch has been one of the predominating senses, is the predominant sensation at birth, and probably continues to be more critical to human function throughout life than is generally recognized.” It is made up of the protective sense. For example: light touch as opposed too heavy touch. Pain is felt and processed with tactile sense. We learn as we grow about what reactions to have with each kind of touch we experience. It is also made up of a discriminatory sense, or a way of learning what kind of touch we are experiencing. This sense teaches us where we touched this before, what we should do about it, and other basic interpretation skills. This sense tells us where on our bodies a touch is, or even that something is indeed touching us. This sense needs to be functioning normally, and it even could be damaging to how life is processed if it is

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