The Effects Of Sex Industry On South Africa 's Human Trafficking Problem

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Commoditizing sex is not a novel concept, it has been around for much of our history, and yet there is much more talk of the sex industry in modern society than it has been in the past. Part of the reason for this has been the oversexualization of Hollywood and the belief that fame is a commodity. Even fleeting fame is idolized, and people ignore the means of achieving fame at the prospect of earning those alluring so-called “fifteen minutes of fame”. The film Hot Girls Wanted exemplifies this concept. Both this film and Don’t Shout Too Loud display the dark side of the business; the two films to varying degrees. The latter film explored human trafficking as an institution and focused more specifically on the impact the World Cup made on South Africa’s human trafficking problem. Each film impacted my personal understanding of the sex industry. Discussion of the sex industry contemporaneously takes a much more casual tone than in years past. The combination of this relaxed attitude with outright statements defending their involvement in the sex industry as liberating and voluntary led me to extrapolate that as a whole, this was an industry of progress which was on the rise. I believed that consent was universal in this business and never particularly found need to question why or under what circumstances people became involved in that trade. After watching Hot Girls Wanted, and especially Don’t Shout Too Loud, I learned that my belief was fundamentally incorrect. Every

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