The Effects Of Sexual Abuse On Children

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With the striking of an object, the father leaves the child laying helplessly on the floor. The child wailing out for help from a “parent”, but no parent comes, so there the child lay balling. How could a parent abuse something they created? A person that is abused feels alone because they do not have a real parent figure, nor a family member to talk to. Some parents claim they spank the child; however, hit the child more than once. Abused children not only experience the effects of the abuse in childhood, but it also becomes a lifelong battle into adulthood.
There are several types of abuse; emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, family violence, sexual abuse, and organised sexual abuse (“Impact” para. 1 ). Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse is usually happening by the child 's parents, relatives, or care takers ("Child" para. 1). Often a male uses violence to rule his wife or children; therefore, it is the male’s choice to abuse the wife and child (“Impact” para. 10). Boys and girls are most likely to be victims of emotional abuse by their parents or peers (“Impact” para. 2). Studies show that family violence is most often committed by men against the mother, other family members, or child (“Impact” para. 10). However, in some scenarios the sexual abuser is male and is related to the victim. Most sexual abusers are not considered mentally ill (“Impact” para. 2). Domestic violence is described as the physical violation of children and women by male relatives which can
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