The Effects Of Sexual Assault On College Campuses

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Sexual assault is everywhere, but did you know that on college campuses one of every four people have been a victim of sexual assault (Stampler 1). That is a staggering statistic of just how many people are affected by this crime. Sexual assault, while a long standing crime, has been brought into the spotlight more and more over the last twenty years. While there are several steps already in place to help lower this statistic there are additional things that can be done to help reduce the rate of sexual assaults on college campuses. By being more open with conversations about sexual assault, having support groups available, and changing policies universities can be successful in reducing the number of sexual assaults on their campuses.
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According to Brian Payne, a professor of Criminal Justice at Old Dominion University, “campus representatives reported that drug use was common in [reported] sexual assault cases” (Payne, Respass Sexual Assault on Campuses: Trends and Prevention 261). These drugs are colorless, odorless, and flavorless, which means when slipped into a drink of food it’s impossible to tell that it’s there. There have been advancement in recent years of possible tests to use to test drinks for the drugs. The most talked about lately has been the invention of a fingernail polish that when exposed to common date rape drugs changes the color of the polish. However, this isn’t anything that isn’t commonly available at this time, and would need to constantly be updated to be able to detect new drugs as they are introduced.
To lower the rate of sexual assaults there are three main steps that universities can take advantage of. The first of these steps is promoting more open conversations. By having awareness groups on campuses speaking about the statistics and dangers associates with sexual assault it gives people the knowledge to better prepare themselves, and gives them somewhere to go to get more information. These groups will speak with students, and would be worked into first year experience classes, so as to get the information out to students early
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