The Effects Of Sexual Harassment On Children

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In the educational atmosphere where children are supposed to receive education, both moral and fundamental, they get subjected to mental blows from their own community, either from male professors, school or university staffs, students as well as the teaching assistants in the form of sexual assaults. In the Falconer report, the advisory committee held that around 4200 girls aged between 9 to 19 years of age has experienced sexual harassment (Yousaf & Schmiede, 2016). It is of great concern that sexual harassment is widespread in the educational institutions worldwide. A considerable amount of illicit sexual advances have been also made by the administrators, educators, school staffs, visitors and third party service
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The conduct unreasonably impacts the performance of the students in college, university, and school levels. Sexual harassment is also defined by law as requests for sexual favor, other sexual conducts where the submission affects directly or indirectly, and it affects the academic performances. In some cases, the person engaging in the act of harassment could try to intimidate and be hostile to the victim and make the environment gross and repulsive for the victim.
Actions that include sexual harassment in educational environment
Sexual harassment in the educational environment is a kind of unwelcome behavior and it interferes in the process of implementation of the rights of equal opportunity. In simple terms, it is nothing but sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment at universities is understood in the context of exercising of power by a specific individual. In the educational environment, there are many actions’ that lead to sexual harassment, especially for the women or girls studying there. It includes the following actions:
Sexual harassment is the act of bullying, which is of course sexual in nature. In the educational domain, people or the staff members do the bullying that creates difficulty for the students and they do not have any available remedies. However, in the modern age, the victim finds it easier to shrug off the harassment if they have
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