The Effects Of Sexual Harassment On College Students

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Take a trip to a nearby university. As you walk the pristine courtyards, perhaps you see a small group of upperclassmen holding trays of food and containers of alcohol for a later party. Your eyes flicker towards the alcohol being carried in the arms of a laughing male in the rowdy group, knowing that it will only enhance their wild behavior, causing them to act out inappropriately. However, only those who attended the party will know what inappropriate actions were displayed. Nonetheless, what is unknown to those attending the party, and many Americans, is that in recent years at least 23% of women in college will later report that they were sexually assaulted (Wallace). Without parental guidance a newly found type of freedom has resonance in college students. Some students choose to abuse their newly found freedom in illegal manners that include sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has captured the attention of many universities in the last few years. With the reports increasing, many universities have taken action to protect their students from forms of unwanted sexual contact which can range from forced kissing, to touching, to rape. Previously, in order to protect their reputation, many universities attempted to cover up few reports of sexual harassment. However, due to the recent dramatic rise in reports of sexual harassment, universities have now gone to great lengths to stop further reports of sexual harassments by effectively placing restrictions and policies to
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