The Effects Of Sexual Violence On Children

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(Denno, 1997). It has been proven through research, that after any type of sexual violence has occurred, sexual contact decreases. Survivors have the physical and emotional affects where sexual pleasure lowers due to experiencing such trauma. These influences also lead to sexual dysfunction. The ability to not perform sexually before the assault also takes a toll on self-esteem and self-image. Women become constantly self-conscious that they are less desirable after surviving an assault (Yarber and Sayad, pg. 590-591). Human sexuality should be something that is unique and proud to own. It is sad, that as a society we diminish the value of our sexuality and strip us of ourselves.
Surviving any kind of sexual assault is very life traumatic and each survivor deals and responds differently after the assault. Besides the physical effects, survivors also experience mental and emotional effects. Effects can consist of physical injury from the attack, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, substance abuse, self harm, Stockholm syndrome, or rape trauma disorder consisting of depression, sleeping disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder. (Yarber and Sayad, pg. 591).
In any sexual assault, the rape trauma syndrome consists of an immediate reaction and a long-term effect. After initially being assaulted, the person undergoes self-blame and denial. The survivor feels that she is too blame for being assaulted and she could have done certain things to prevent the event from
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