The Effects Of Sexual Violence On Mental Health

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Describe the type(s) of violence this film portrays. The type of violence that is illustrated in the film “The Hunting Ground” is sexual violence. Sexual violence has a profound impact on physical and mental health. It can be directed against both men and women (Ch. 6 page 149). Sexual violence has been associated with a number of mental health and behavioral problems in adolescence and adulthood (Ch. 6 pg. 163). Its impact on mental health can be as serious as its physical impact, and may be equally long lasting. Deaths following sexual violence may be a result of suicide (Ch. 6 pg. 149). As evident in the film, David Lisak clinical psychologist… “several cases of college students who were victims of sexual assault suffer from…show more content…
In the film every single student who was a victim of sexual assault was consuming alcohol. Alcohol is used as a weapon to render somebody vulnerable. Alcohol makes it easier to overpower a victim because they are less likely to have full control of their body, be fully conscious or have a stable mind where they can make their own decisions. Perpetrators select victims who are under the influence because they have to struggle less to get them under control. According to the movie the vast majority of men don’t rape, won’t rape, haven’t rape. When you start looking at the rapists who are committing these crimes, it is the repeat offenders who are the core of this problem (Ziering and Dick, 2015). As Caroline Heldman associate professor states in the film, less than 8 percent of men in college commit more than 90 percent of sexual assaults. Repeat offenders commit an average of six or more acts of sexual assaults (Ziering and Dick, 2015). There are perpetrators names that have matched other cases in the same school. The perpetrators were allowed on campus after offending. Who are the victims of violence in the film? Why are these individuals victimized? Again, cite examples from the film and make connections to readings. The victims of violence in the film “The hunting Ground” are college student both genders males and females. Most
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