The Effects Of Sexuality On Children 's Sexual Abuse

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Over centuries, sexuality has been a controversial concept, which has been seen , understood and regulated differently within societies. With regard the sexual treatment of children, the shift in thinking that has taken place has been also major. Jenks (1996) outlines that in history there have been recorded a multitude of examples of sexual maltreatment of children, that in nowadays would be defined as child sexual abuse. Only in the last three decades there have been a strong and overwhelming societal response towards this subject which sanctions and condemns it . Throughout history, child sexual abuse term has constituted a major concern for many researchers and professionals, as it is seen as a complex phenomenon with a complexity of…show more content…
This essay will also include a review of the main current and temporary issues covering child sexual abuse and the impact on effective social work practice. A primary objective will be to critically consider the similarities and potential differences between the legislation , social policy and the requirements of professional ethics and codes of conduct. Subsequently , the irreducible conflict and ambiguities for codes of professional conduct, legislation and social policy will be identified. Main body De Mause (1974) sees child sexual abuse as a phenomenon having a diverse and long history, which is far from new. Historically, child sexual abuse and sexual offenses against children were not uncommon. They have existed from the earliest recorded writings . In antiquity , the children had a 'slaves ' status , and the sexual abuse was not addressed in an open manner. In some cultures was considered a sign of hospitality to loan wives and daughters to different guests. These practices are illustrated in French medieval literature , Irish heroic tales or amongst Native tribes from North America or Eskimos. It has been discovered by family historians that in fifteenth and sixteenth century in different regions and countries from Europe, in
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