The Effects Of Sfa's Effect On Communication Processing

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As SFA became increasingly recognized as a viable treatment for improving naming, research expanded to consider the therapy dosage and intensity required for therapy to be effective, generalization to untrained words, SFA’s impact on connected speech, and the maintenance of the improvements post-therapy. For example, Boyle & Coelho (1995) aimed to investigate the effects of SFA on communication effectiveness by including a social validity measure and to determine whether a large or small number of stimuli per session promote generalization more efficiently. Using black and white drawings, Boyle & Coelho (1995), provided treatment in three 60-minute sessions per week. The treatment pictures were selected from a group of 34 images which the…show more content…
Still, the findings were a significant contrast to prior studies such as Howard (1985) in which the treatment effects of naming therapy were not sustained. Boyle & Coelho (1995) theorized that confrontation naming may be improved via either semantic or phonologic routes, but the significant difference in SFA treatment compared to Howard’s (1985) semantic approach was that the participant, rather than the experimenter, generated the information about the target word, and that the SFA chart and process may have been internalized to allow the subject in their study to self-cue even without the chart present. Additionally, this study by Boyle & Coelho (1995) provided early evidence of social validity of SFA, with a clinically relevant gain in the Communication Effectiveness Index (Lomas, Pickard, Bester, Elbard, Finlayson, & Zoghaib, 1989), as rated by the participant’s daughter pre-treatment and post-treatment. However, the more objective measures of generalization to connected speech which were used - Nicholas and Brookshire’s (1993) measures of mean words per minute, mean correct information units (CIUs) per minute, and the percentage of all words that were CIUs – did not reveal an improvement from baseline. The authors theorized that perhaps the

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