The Effects Of Silence In Good People By Lauren Groff

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Michelle Rosenthal once said, “Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.” Lauren Groff, who has a Masters of Fine Arts in fiction from the University of Wisconsin wrote the short story “Good People” which, shows readers the exact opposite way to recover from trauma. In Groffs short story readers witness a soldier who arrives home after spending three years in war. Although he comes home physically healthy he displays signs of having post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD for short. The soldier and his parents do not say a word to one another during the entire story which rapidly develops tension and makes the readers think that conflict is starting to emerge from this silence. Silence affects numerous issues in society today, but one issue silence affects that tends to be overlooked is PTSD. PTSD not only affects the people who have this illness, but in fact affects everyone around PTSD. The silent treatment solves no problems it just makes more this is the reason why silence can aggravate PTSD like Bill Crawford says, “you can’t fight fire with fire, or fear with fear.” Post traumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric disorder that causes long term mental issues. Like PTSD silence affects people in similar way except when combined with this mental illness can cause extremely horrific outcomes. For example, in Lauren Groff’s “Good People” The soldier chooses not to talk to the mother or Father and vise versa which then begins
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