The Effects Of Single Parent Home Research

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For several years, the focus of much single parent home research has been concentrated on households where the father is not present. Due to the prevalent influence of various psychoanalytical theories, and the enormous amounts of female headed households. Research shows that there are six general effects bestowed upon children who live in single parent homes; regardless of the reason for the single parent status. The six general effects are: • Loss of concentration or attention • Delinquency and substance abuse • Withdraw from family and friends • A decline in academic scores and behavioral issues at school, and at home • Emotional outbursts, and often an increase in health issues • Severe anger issues (Hurtes, 2004). These are just the general effects on some children being raised in a single parent home. In addition to these general effects, there are more age specific effects on some children who live in single parent homes. The following is a brief summarization of some effects which children of different age ranges may experience while living in a single parent home. For children ages 3-5 years of age: • Regression to more infant like behavior • Feeling frightened, insecure, and angry Children in Single Parent Homes 9 • Some may experience nightmares, excessive or uncontrollable crying, and separation anxiety • Changes in their eating or sleeping habits. For children ages 6-8 years of age: • Feelings of sadness, loss, fright, and uncertainty • Feelings of intense
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