The Effects Of Slavery On A Macro Level

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If we think of Slavery we think of it as an event in our history that degrading blacks, and only blacks. We, at least I don’t think of it as effecting whites, but if we look at the two authors Baldwin and Coats we see slavery and racism can be viewed on a whole different level. Blocking out stereotypes Coates and Baldwin give us an inside look on what it was actually like like to own or to be a slave. Baldwin, talks about the effects of slavery on a micro level, and talks about how it affects people individually, and how even if someone doesn’t believe in it, they can be taken over by the idea of racism without realizing it; how racism can even affect the white man, saying that you can become the monster that you hate. . Coates, on the other hand, talks about the effects of slavery on a macro level, and talks about how it affects a society as a whole, by degrading a whole minority and making the whole population brainwashed to what the core problem is. No one wanted to be a monster, and no one wanted to be thought of as a cruel person. Racism can consume people, simply because everyone just wants to fit in, and to fit in if you were white, was to hate blacks. Even though some white people never wanted to hate blacks, and, they never wanted to be a part of this; slavery actually had just as big of effects as it did on blacks on whites. If a white man stood up and said that racism was wrong and that they liked black people, they would be shot. Right there right then,…
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