The Effects Of Sleep And Sleep Deprivation On The Body

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Michael Ly Professor Hayley Thayer COMM 130 28 September 2014 The Effects of Sleep and Sleep Deprivation Has on the Body. Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about why we need sleep and what happens if you are sleep deprived. Thesis: Sleep is crucial for any living creature and lacking an adequate amount of sleep is detrimental to health. Introduction Attention Getter: Many of us will spend about a third of our lives sleeping, yet don’t know why we need sleep or how important it is for the body. Did you know you can die faster from sleep deprivation than food deprivation. Credibility Statement: I am a person who suffers from sleep deprivation, I generally only have about 4 hours worth of sleep everyday. I am extremely fascinated about sleep and the impact it has on the body since it is something that affects all living creatures. Preview of Main Points: First, I will discuss why we get sleepy. Second, I will discuss why we need sleep. Third, I will discuss the effects of sleep deprivation. II. Main Point: Causes of Sleepiness Transition: We all know that sleep is important for the body but why do we get sleepy? The amount of light that our eye receives during the dusk and dawn creates or suppresses hormones that help us sleep. Our eye has intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) containing the photopigment melanopsin enable pupillary light responses, photic resetting of the circadian clock, and other sightless visual responses. When we see artificial
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