The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation Among College Students

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The Effects of Sleep Deprivation among College Students: A Psychological and Sociological Approach Integrative Project: Final Submission Synthia Paramathypathy Marianopolis College Sleep plays a major role in people 's lives. Evidence has shown that enough sleep promotes good health and well-being (Ojikutu, R. 2010). It plays a key role in maintaining a healthy brain function,in helping to establish emotional well-being, and in improving overall health since it repairs the heart and blood vessels (Ojikutu, R., 2010). According to the restorative theory, sleep is very necessary to "the physical health and serves to replenish chemicals and repair cellular damage (Ciccarelli, 2012, p. 103). This theory means that the body is trying to achieve a stable psychological state and suggests that sleep will recover and restore the body into full working capacity (Ciccarelli, 2012, p. 103). According to Ojikutu (2010; 2), "sleep is essential to the body and its functions, promoting bodily rest and rejuvenation in the neurons and other cells that are replaced or repaired during times of sleep". Considering the benefits of sleep, scientists recommend a full 9 to 10 hours of sleep for college students (Ojikutu, R., 2010). However, many college students do not put sleep at high priority. They often trade sleep for other activities. Many college students from many countries face pressure to perform well academically and maintain their social life (Galambos, N. et al., 2009). As
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