The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Academic Performance

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Qualifications Since my high school years, I have been passionate about gaining valuable medical and public health information in order to share with my peers and the community at large. As a current undergraduate senior majoring in Community and Behavioral Health, I have been able to expand my knowledge concerning the importance of maintaining one’s health in order to optimize one’s quality of life. My educational experience at the University of Maryland has reemphasized the importance of health professionals attuning to their patients holistic health, such as their social, emotional, and physical well-being, instead of solely focusing on their disease status. One specific topic that affects the holistic health of undergraduate students is sleep deprivation. I am interested in this topic not simply because I am a student in the School of Public Health, but because I am an undergraduate student that is also affected by the lack of adequate sleep. Topic Definition & Development For the Research Review Article, I wanted to understand how sleep deprivation affects undergraduates’ academic performance. My topic question is as follow: What is the underlining cause of sleep deprivation in undergraduate students & how does this phenomenon negatively affects their academic performance? It is well known that poor sleep pattern is a common trend in college students. What I am seeking to fully understand is whether the hours allocated for sleeping is the primary problem, or is
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