The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Humans

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Huong Do
University of South Florida
Dr. Anzalone & Dr. Shuman
Human Factors Research Paper
Spring 2016

The purpose of this paper is to research and analyze the negative effects of sleep loss on humans lead to major and minor inefficiency. Every year, sleep loss and sleep disorder affect human performance, safety at work and quality of life. This research will analyze the sleep deprivation both by choice and due to health issue. The data that use in this paper will only limit to the average data so the results would not skew and show any bias based on the differences between the groups. The chosen groups to analyze would be students who stay up late studying or workers who are required to stay awake the whole night such as an ER doctor or pilot. The groups who have medical issues that prevent them to achieve the whole night sleep would benefit from learning of the mental and physical health effects that are associated with sleep deprivation. The question is raised whether loss of sleep every 24 hours results in a cumulative sleep debt, nor sleep can be saved up ahead of time. “Regardless, sleep is not optional, it’s something we need to perform well” (Davenport, 2006). The answer would be included in this paper. In this research, there will be a discussion about the best way to pay back when having sleep debt and way to prevent sleep debt.
“When an individual does not get enough sleep to
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