The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Stress

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Sleep is very important for proper human functioning. Sleep deprivation occurs the body does not get an adequate amount of sleep regularly. The lack of sleep can affect many aspects of life. This topic affects many Americans especially college students. American culture values being very busy and cramming in many activities to daily schedules in which often requires sacrificing sleep. Different age groups reactions to sleep deprivation was investigated. Physical effects of lack of sleep were examined by looking at the change in the level of alertness and ability to notice details. The effects of sleep deprivation on stress regulation, and emotional response were also tested.
The effect of sleep loss was tested on different age groups. Duffy, Wilson, Wang and Czeisler (2009) conducted a study investigating if aging is connected to greater sleepiness and a decreased ability to overcome sleep deprivation. Pasts studies have shown that some older adults were able to overcome sleep deprivation better than younger adults. Those studies have only used older adults with high sleep quality and did not account for variations in sleep time or duration between the ages of subjects. Participants included 26 adults’ ages 18-29 and 11 older adults ages 65-76. Each subject was in good health and not taking medication. They also had normal sleep schedules. Subjects had 3 baseline days with 8 hours’ time in a bed and then they remained in bed throughout their waking an additional 10 hours.…
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