The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Teenagers

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In a teenager’s daily they are consumed by the wonders of today’s technology and the social interactions during the day. This extended schedule for teenagers can cause many problems such as sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation in teenagers can cause a lot of problems, in addition to that sleep deprivation is the leading cause of sleep disorders and depression. Sleep deprivation in teenager can have negative effects in their lives, especially academically and socially.
There are different causes of sleep deprivation, two of the main causes are, Technology and Sleep Disorders. Teenagers in today’s society students are plague with the world of technology, this would include computers, cellphones, and T.V. Parents are not setting limits on technology, which means teenagers have access to technology whenever available. Social Media consumes more pressure upon technology now more than ever because of the rapid development being pushed by society. In contradiction, society wants teens to go to school within a time frame that is at odds with teenagers’ social and biological lives. (“Sleep and Teens”, 2006) Technology is not the only cause of sleep deprivation in teens, but sleep disorders. Teenagers are prone to high anxiety levels from school and social life that is leads to sleep disorders which cause sleep deprivation.
The effects of sleep deprivation can vary from person to person, but it all boils down to the unhealthy conditions, disorders and diseases that we become
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