The Effects Of Sleep On A Public Health Epidemic

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Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day it effects many aspects of daily functioning and is essential in order for a person to perform at their best. Unfortunately far too many ignore the importance of sleep and sacrifice sleep in order to meet the demands of daily life. The U.S center for disease control has deemed insufficient sleep a public health epidemic.( ) recent literature has shown that adolescence are one of the most sleep deprived populations. The reason being that sleep patterns begin to change during adolescence causing sleep loss. Sleep loss can seriously affect that quality of life for an individual. This paper will review the literature on the changes in sleep patterns in adolescence and the negative consequence that result from sleep loss focusing on adverse behaviors in adolescence. While the importance of sleep has been well documented not enough has been done specifically on the adolescent population. Sleep studies can help to better understand why changes in sleep patterns occur in adolescence as well as educate caregivers and professional working with adolescence improve their quality of life. Sleep is essential for anyone to perform at their best regardless of age sex and gender. While the amount of time and when a person falls asleep varies from person to person everyone must sleep and obtaining the right amount of sleep help can better a person quality life. Far too many adolescence are not obtaining enough sleep in 2009 the
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