The Effects Of Sleep On Our Bodies

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Sleep accounts ⅓ of a person 's day and ⅓ of your life. Sleep is the body 's way of repairing and restoring itself from the day. According to WebMD people who are 18+ of age should be getting anywhere between 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep. A lot of college students consider themselves lucky to get 5 hours of sleep. A health science professor at the University of Alabama, Adam Knowlden, discovered, “ Sixty percent of the college population gets insufficient sleep.” College students realize they are sleepy but don’t understand all the affects it has on their bodies physically, mentally, and emotionally. So what can we do to fix this? What can your university maybe do to fix this?

Sleep has more effects on our bodies than you think. If one does not get enough sleep, not only is your body more prone to getting sick because you lower your immune system, it also makes students feel stressed out, which can lead to weight gain. “ A study provided by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition presented that, “people ate an average of nearly 300 fewer calories per day when they were well rested.” Your body burns calories when you sleep. When you do not sleep, your body will demand for high calorie, sugary food to try to get a boost of energy. Getting “a solid night of sleep may provide extra willpower to resist those cookies or chips.” “The decrease in neuronal rest and reproduction will slow reaction time and impair cognitive thinking as well as decision-making. Decrease in sleep also
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