The Effects Of Sleep On Our Bodies

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We all know that after a good night of sleep we feel recharged and happier, and if having gone without sleep for a while we may end up cranky and most likely cannot function correctly. But why do we feel better after waking up from a deep slumber and feel worse without sleep? Why do our bodies need to shut down for such a long period of time? Unfortunately scientists are still trying to find this answer themselves. Although through a sufficient amount of research, scientists have found out how sleep greatly impacts our bodies, both physically and mentally, negatively and positively. Research has found that with the right amount of sleep it can significantly impact how your brain learns and memorizes. This is makes perfect sense; an example of this could be, a student that has had a good sleep is more likely to be focused and will understand better what they are being taught, while a student who is not well rested will most likely not be able to focus and they cannot absorb the information that is being taught to them efficiently. A lack of sleep can lead to a reduction in paying attention and a properly working memory, much like the example of our sleep deprived student. The loss of sleep can also influence what your brain saves in the long-term memory and can affect your normal logical functions like your decision-making and reasoning. As our day goes on, we take in an abundant amount of information throughout the day, whether we realize it or not, but our brains do not
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