The Effects Of Sleep On Our Lives

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Research Paper

Abstract: What is sleep in our lives for? Sleep is something that every single living thing on the planet has been proven to need. Whether it is a tiny bacteria organism or a gorilla, all of them need it, but what is really awkward is how scientists are yet to discover the reason for why it is needed. Theories have scratched the surface that it is for the brain to do “jobs,” that the body is restoring it’s own energy, or that maybe our body just loves it too much to not have it! As scientists all over the world continue to hypothesize and take studies, but what mainly sticks out into the eyes of those scientists is how bodies react to sleep deprivation or oversleeping. To tackle this question myself, I have kept records on how the body is affected by a good night’s sleep, a night of too much sleep, and a night of too little multiple times to come to my conclusion that you really do need either 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night to stay at your peak performance, but you may need to sleep good multiple times a day to treat sleep deprivation. People need to realize that sleep is not just a thing we do, but is key to a healthy body and mind, and if we can treat this wonderful thing how it is supposed to be, then we can be better than most of our peers as over %50 of North America is affected by sleep deprivation.
So…sleep. Something that all moving things on the planet need in their lives, but why? Well it would’ve been told, but we don’t exactly know what that is…
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