The Effects Of Sleep On The Body

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ost everyone knows what it is like to go through the day, groggy and worn out. Sleep deficiency leaves people miserable and just waiting all day to just crawl back into bed. But most people don’t realize how big of an impact sleep really has on the body. Sleep is the most important activity one can perform to support their body and nothing else comes close to what sleep provides the body with, mentally and physically. Not exercise, nor brain problems. The best way to help the body is to sleep consistently and well. Everyone can benefit both mentally and physically from more sleep. The everyday impact of sleep is gigantic and it also has long term health effects as well. If you don’t sleep regularly and for good amounts of time, your body…show more content…
The easy solution is to simply get sleep in the first place. An absence of sleep slows people down mentally. Sleep plays a major role in thinking, concentrating, and retaining new information that is learned throughout any given day. People who are constantly sleepy are less alert in class or at work, and they will get less work done than someone who had a good night of rest. While sleepy at work or at school, one might be more concerned on sneaking a nap than getting work done. Sleep is also needed to help with reasoning and problem solving. Someone who is tired will have a harder time taking care of the same responsibilities they do when they are fully rested. So even if one does go to work, and tries to concentrate and power through their work, their work value will be of lower quality than normal. Going to work without enough sleep is simply a waste of time. Work produced while tired will probably need to be redone, refined, or even thrown away. The storing of memories is another function of sleep. If not enough sleep is obtained, then the mind will be less likely and less able to remember what is experienced or learned during the day. So, even if one was having fun partying at a club instead of working, the memories of those events might not be stored due to a lack of sleep. It is better to miss work to get home and sleep than to power through every day tired working long hours, and have the
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