The Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes On The Health Of Smokers

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Tobacco smoke attitudes are a significant risk not only to the health of smokers but to those who involuntary inhale the tobacco smoke of others. Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. Smoking cigarettes is a proven factor in raising the risk of having a heart attack, stroke disease, broncho-pulmonary diseases and poses risks in pregnancy to the unborn child. Tobacco smoking raises overall medical costs, decreases life expectancy and adds to loss of efficiency during the lifetime of an individual which can also lead to premature death. My target group were students from London Metropolitan University age 18 to 25, four male and six female. The majority of this age group tend to smoke to enhance enhance their personalities and for stimulation and peer pressure. Stress, depression, self-esteem, academic involvement are also factors. Advertising stood out as the main risk factors for continuing to smoke, as they were motivated by the desire to know how it feels to smoke. Smoking starts and escalates among university students. Stress associated with the change to the experiences of university life may trigger the risk of smoking among students on campus Freedom of living away from home can contribute to the choices students make and the smoking habits of their parents at home and lecturers at universities. Many students are more likely to smoke if they live in a family where at least a member of the family smoked or is likely to provide cigarettes to
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