The Effects Of Smoking On A Person 's Health

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Smoking causes an overall decline in a person’s health. It has been linked to increasing the risk of most types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.1 It is the leading cause of lung cancer, which is the number one cause of death today in the United States.1 It can cause respiratory problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, and emphysema.1 Smoking is not recommended during pregnancy and can cause problems with a developing fetus.1 It can cause problems with a person’s oral hygiene including, gum and tooth decay, tooth loss, and mouth cancer.1 Smoking causes inflammation and can damage the immune system.1 Second hand smoke inhaled by non-smokers can also lead to the aforementioned problems. In the state of Illinois, people are no longer allowed to smoke in many places due to the harmful effects it has on people’s health. There is a push for smoking cessation in order to improve the health of all parties involved. There are multiple products approved by the Federal Drug Administration to aid in the cessation of smoking.2 These products include over-the-counter nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges.2 In addition to the over- the-counter methods, there are prescription drugs available, such as, Chantix and bupropion.2 There are also some drugs that have not been approved by the FDA for smoking cessation, like nortriptyline, but are used off-label. Topiramate is a medication that has been approved by the FDA for use in seizures, as an
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