The Effects Of Social Anxiety Disorder

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It’s the very first day of highschool and as the bell rings, signaling it’s time for the first hour to start, the teacher of the class thinks it’s a great opportunity for everyone to walk around and introduce themselves to their new classmates who would be spending the rest of the school year all together. However as everyone stands up from their desk to indulge in the activity assigned, there’s one kid who wishes he had not come to school today. He wishes he could sit there for the rest of the next ten minutes, not having to stand around awkwardly; just to wait for someone to approach him. He cares not if he gets in trouble for choosing to not participate along with everyone. He just can’t stand the thought of having to talk to another human being who he has never met before in his life until…show more content…
He starts to worry, what if he makes a bad impression or accidentally offends the person he talks to and he becomes rejected by his classmates. What if his classmates start making fun of him because he can’t speak properly and he knows when he tries to open his mouth to speak that a weak voice, barely loud enough to hear will escape his breath. This one student has something known as Social Anxiety Disorder. Social anxiety disorder is the third largest psychological problem in the United States. It affects approximately 15 million Americans every year. It is a widely misunderstood disorder, where nearly 90% of people with social anxiety disorder are misdiagnosed. They are often misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, manic-depression, clinical depression, panic disorder, and or personality
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