The Effects Of Social Anxiety On Students

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Assessment Setting
This assessment program will take place in an urban middle school. Students will be from seventh grade and diverse backgrounds.
Literature Review
Social anxiety refers to an intense fear of embarrassment in social or performance situations. Social anxiety disorder is chronic and debilitating yet often goes unrecognized or untreated. Anxiety in youth is associated with significant impairment in school performance, social functioning, and family relationships (Ginsburg, Becker, Drazdowski & Tein, 2012). Children with social anxiety may withdraw or disengage from peer activities that are crucial for normal development and socialization. Social anxiety may even have a correlation with how well a student performs in school. Many elements contribute to overall health and well-being, social anxiety is part of it.
The group of students I will be assessing will be middle school students who have been screened with the Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory. These students come from a diverse population.
The most profound reason for why this topic and population requires the attention of counselors and other school personnel is based off of research discovered. Masia-Warner, et al. (2005) explains that partnering with schools creates opportunities to educate and support school personnel and parents in identifying mental health issues and making appropriate referrals for treatment. Another reason social skills connect to middle school students relates to the
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