The Effects Of Social Awkwardness On Students

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Social awkwardness is something that a lot of people have, but is it affected more when a students parents are divorced? This topic is important to know because it shows how students interact with each other and when they meet new people. The purpose of this study was to see if a students would be more socially awkward if their parents are divorced.

For my survey, I tested guys and girls ranging from each grade level, so 14- 18 year olds and I allowed anyone to take it, so race wasn’t part of it. I tried to get at least 5 students from each grade, but ended up surveying 26 students. The population was the student body and the sample was the students from each grade level.

The survey itself was composed of 12 questions plus age,
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The two students that put “ other” also live with their mom and one student that put “ no” for the divorce question lives with their dad. Then that leaves the last 18 students live with both parents. For how the students relationship is with their parent or parents is that there two, one who lives with both and one that lives with their mom, that said their relationship was terrible. There was one student that lives with both had said other to their relationship with their parents. Nine students that live with both said that their relationship with their parents was healthy along with two students whose parents who are divorced and one student who said other. The rest of the students had a pretty stable relationship with one or both parents. For when the students have friends over one was annoyed, one was awesome, one was other, two students were nervous, three were happy, five were embarrassed, twelve of them felt fine, and one student felt all of the above plus scared and angry. According to Moira Szilagyi “ During the divorce, schoolwork may seem unimportant to children and adolescents, and school performance often worsens.”, with the results I got, I don’t believe that is fully true. There was one student whose relationship with his parents affected him in a negative way in school (1) , two students, one with divorced parents and one without, have a semi- negative way in school, and the rest of the students have been affected in a neutral (3), semi
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