The Effects Of Social Media On Children

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Parents often warn their children not to post too much personal information on the internet. Common reasons for this include a parent’s fear that a child is giving out sensitive and personal information or that a child is opening themselves up to predators. In more recent years another reason has been added. With the invention of the internet, in the 90s, and with the rise of usage of social media, a parental fear is that their child will post the wrong thing and be denied a job or entrance into their choice university. A mature and job-seeking twenty-three-year-old can pay for the posts of an immature and dependent fifteen-year-old. Youth are often warned that “what they put on the internet is there forever” and that “just because you delete something doesn’t mean that it’s gone forever”. The idea that what’s posted or written on the internet exists forever has, most commonly, been presented as a negative. What if it could be presented as a positive as well? Ashely Ellis writes on the topic of the infinity of the internet in her essay, Transcending Time and Death: Immortality in a Simulated World.
The basic idea behind Ashley Ellis’ paper is that humans can die physically but, if a part of them is written down they are immortal. She applies this idea to earlier technology, including paper and pen, as well as newer technology, like computers and the internet. Because we interact with the internet and because we engage in social media, parts of us are immortal. Let’s take a…
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