The Effects Of Social Media On Children

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Teenagers now a days are involved in different activities rushed around every turn they go. Teens are so stretched across everything; from sports, clubs, jobs, and volunteering. Teens are so stressed out that they stay up and feel that it’s necessary to act like adults because that’s what see in their house hold. Teenagers are even affected by their social media. People are on; Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Instagram for hours each and every day. Social media has been found to affect our mood and attitudes towards people. They even found that it affects our sleep patterns. In teenagers the littlest thing can set off a mood swing, sleep pattern and more. Being a teenager in the age of technology is difficult. The older generations before the Baby boomers lived on the same life style over and over in recurring generations. After the baby boomers was the technological generation. Which teenagers are from age 13 to 25 and older. Teenagers are a part of a generation change.
Sleep deprivation is a disorder of the mind to where you feel that there is no need for sleep. Later causing a reaction to the body to where that you are having withdrawn and are hallucinating or even worse have organ failure. Humans and animals sleep to keep them sane and to be able to function. Sleep is an important thing to our nature and mind, it gives our brain a chance to store and sort through the information that was learned from that day. If you don’t give your body the chance to sleep and
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