The Effects Of Social Media On Children

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It isn’t a bad thing sharing a couple of pictures of our favorite moments, or those selfies that make us popular with friends; the ones that help us gain followers. Or using it for the right reason of communicating with family all over the world and meeting new friends abroad. But don’t you think that users such as teenagers in specific take advantage of what social media is actually for. At times parents are confused because they think that their child is using Facebook for the connection of their loved ones, or even group chats that are meant for positive feedback. Realistically we all know that isn’t the case. Because deep inside your child’s room you can find messages that were meant for sharing of their personal self. In this case sexting. Another ruining is the destruction of family relationships, where physically your child may be present, but mentally are not. And what about your teenage daughter that is old enough to maneuver herself when driving, so you think. Do you think she is focused on the road, or on that bright blue screen that teenagers like to call, “my baby”. At times we may feel that social media might be the right thing for us. Or that it might affect us in more positive ways rather than in negative ways, but although technology may be the best source for connecting distinct cultures and societies in ways that seemed impossible before, technology also fails miserably to an extent where messages that were meant for positive feedback have turned into
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