The Effects Of Social Media On Children 's Development

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As children are exposed to more and more social media with the increase of technology, it is important that parents minimize the exposure of social media to their children. There are multiple extensive ways in which social media can influence a child’s well-being and development: An influence on their social ability with others, the content of the social media, and the activities that social media replaces such as exercise. Methods that could potentially improve the risk of a child’s well-being and development include parents monitoring content of the media, provide media awareness information to parents, providing access of activities on social networking to parents, and encourage high monitoring of social media use by parents.

Social Media Affects a Child’s Development and Well-Being In today’s society, media has far surpassed reading children’s books and playing outside as the typical child’s preferred amusement. Media use has generated a significant change in children’s development and well-being whether it’s the use of TV, internet, video games, cell phones, or music. These changes will cause parents to be unprepared for the difficult task to manage their child’s time. In the future, it will become highly important to monitor a child’s use of social media or it might because difficult to detach the child from the technology.
Risks Caused By Social Media
While social media use is an essential part of everyday life of children, there is a sufficient…
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