The Effects Of Social Media On Coca Cola

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Introduction If you asked 10 followers on Twitter if they prefer Coca-Cola or Pepsi 9 out 10 would probably say Coca-Cola. This paper will explore social media presence for The Coca- Cola Company. Why do people drink Coke? Why is Coke so popular? Questions such as these will be answered throughout this strategy recommendation project. This paper will discuss the current effects of social media and how Coca-Cola should use social media to their advantage. Social media is an amazing entity for companies to use for public relations. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are used to form relationships between companies and the consumer. It is vital for Coca-Cola to stay ahead of competition, and using social media to help increase the gap. Social media is utilized all over the world, and Coca-Cola would greatly benefit from using it to its fullest potential. History of Coca-Cola On May 8, 1886, Atlanta based pharmacist John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola, and his bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, named the product after two ingredients, coca leaves and kola nuts. Mr. Robison also believed that the 2 C’s would look the best for advertising. The beverage entered its debut across the United States in 1895 after Asa Candler acquired The Coca-Cola Company. In 1919, Coca-Cola Asa Candler retired and his family sold the company to Atlanta baker Ernest Woodruff and a group of investors for $25 million and moved the headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia (The
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