The Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

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Blink This day and age we call social is far from it. People are becoming slaves to their devices, living their life through a screen. We find self worth through how many “likes” we got on our picture, or how many “friends” on our Facebook page. Social media has created a generation of smart phones and dumb people. Where staying connected, is more important than creating connections with others. Where we would rather stare at our friend list while waiting for the bus than simply striking up a conversation with one another. Where we can text someone for hours without end, and not even look or bother to acknowledge each other face to face. Where we can be texting as we talk, and posting as we walk. It boggles my mind the extent of how intrigued people are of the lives of others who mean nothing to them. If that person’s status does nothing to affect your life, then why do you care? Posting is a faint cry for attention, providing superficial validation that others approve of you. I too have been a victim of the allure of social media. Being raised in a generation where I have been brainwashed by TV and smartphones, it is only natural to develop a dependency on these devices because it is all I know. I learned how to type earlier than how to make myself a grilled cheese. Based on a survey done by Pew, 55% of all American online teens (ages 12-17) use a social networking site and “81% of youth under 25 sleep with their phone next to them on the bed. 74% reach for their
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