The Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

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Since the very beginning, face-to-face communication has been an important factor in our lives. This was the only source of communication for a long period of time. Over time, we developed new ways of communicating with each other such as emailing and talking on the phone. Human beings have become so reliant on the use of electronic devices to communicate. Although this is a good way to keep in touch with friends, it can become a serious problem to many individuals. The growth of social media sites began to grow in the year 2003, which was the year that the famous website MySpace was created. For example, I’ve been using social media websites to communicate with my friends for a decade. When I was younger, social media sites were the go-to…show more content…
246). As individuals practice the self-disclosure process, the layers of a person become accessible and intimate. “The social penetration theory posits that self-disclosure occurs as a result of an inward cost-benefit analysis,” (Pennington, 2008). “Altman and Taylor compared people to onions,” (Griffin, Ledbetter, & Sparks, 2015, p. 97). Many people are concerned with their statements and the effect they will have on their relationships. “Self-disclosure is reciprocal, especially in the early stages of relationship development,” (Griffin, Ledbetter, & Sparks, 2015, p. 99). Achieving the self-disclosure process is a great way to shift a regular relationship into a passionate one. There are many reasons why face-to-face communication is a more efficient way of communicating. When we engage in this form of communication, we see the reactions of the people we are trying to have a conversation with. When a positive conversation is taking place, the person normally shows visual signs that they are happy. When a serious conversation is taking place, the person’s body language and facial expressions will showcase their mood. When we are communicating online, it is hard to determine the serious of the conversation. Social media has created the world where interaction is a thing that individuals shy away from. We have the ability to access social media whenever we choose to with the use of digital devices. Critics believe that we can develop similar
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