The Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

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There was a time when people only read the newspaper, because that was the only way to get the news. We use to listen to the radio to get the news, remember when we had to wait for the six o clock news to come on, to find out what was going on around the world? I didn 't like waiting. But no more! Now it 's all at your fingertips. You don 't even have to get out of bed if you don’t want to. Just turn on your phone, your computer, or laptop, tablet, and you have access to the latest technology. You can find out the weather, news reports in anything in the world you want. Whether, you want to work from home, talk to your family and friends. The greatest thing in the world is that Social Media is at your bedside, friends at your bedside how great is that. When Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, began did you think that there would be a limit to friendships? No, constant use of social media has become the normal. People are making friends, lots of friends every day. Robin Dunbar say there is a "Limit of Friendship", she compares her study of primates brain to humans brain, said the sizes were similar. So therefore the grooming is similar. Dunbar made the mental leap to humans, and said "Judging from the size of an average human brain the number of people the average person could have in his or her social group was a hundred and fifty. Anything beyond that would be too complicated to handled at optimal processing levels". But without investing the face to face time. We lack
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