The Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

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With the use of social media being the main way we communicate in today 's society, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with people around the world using this platform as a way of communication. Have you ever thought about how social media could be affecting your life? Does it affect it in a negative or positive way? Most people don’t see how social media can be affecting their daily life. It 's more than just logging onto Facebook, Instagram,Tumblr or Twitter to get your daily updates on some of your favorite celebrities, it can be changing your perception on life. According to a study done in 2016,it shows that approximately 78 percent of Americans had made a social media profile. These numbers are increasing at a staggering rate, which shows strong signs of increasing every quarter. In teens, it seems that there is a trend that is taking a turn for the worst. Teens are spending countless hours on their phones communicating with friends, relatives or strangers. This excessive use of social media can be affecting teens in a negative way. Examples of this include negative effects towards their physical and psychological health. The world of social media can change a person without them even noticing. Social media and self esteem can go hand in hand. The term ‘self esteem’ refers to how someone feels about themselves overall. According to Robins and Trzesniewski,” Young children have relatively high self esteem, which gradually declines over the course of
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