The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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Amber Melvin Professor Lincoln Schreiber English 1201 23 March 2016 The Effects of Social Media Social media is apart of the everyday life of people today. While it has helped us to open our connections, it has crippled us as well. We must be aware of the potential health, social, mental and educational problems that social media has the potential to cause and be willing to step away from these websites in order to understand what is happening and to prevent it by separating ourselves from it, when it is necessary. According to “The History of Social Media” by the Digital Trends Staff from, the Bulletin Board System surfaced in the 80’s and remained popular through the 90’s. A place where people could find others of like interests without fear of social stigma appears, “and voila, just like that, suddenly the antisocial had become social.” From there, many social networking websites appeared such as, where high school graduates can meet back up virtually. Many other social media websites surfaced, such as MySpace and Facebook, where people not only met up with people from the past and with similar interests but also those that live in the same home or that work together. The rise of social media has steadily increased, to the point that we post our every movement in less than 140 characters in the form of a tweet. With such rapid growth it is not a surprise that with the benefits, consequences will follow. “Regardless of whether you
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