The Effects Of Social Media On Society 's Society

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Be a butterfly in today’s society rather than the person who stands in the distance and watches everything unfold. In addition,their homes are easily becoming their easy go to place due to the insecurities brought onto them from the To be social: be it a social Butterfly or hermit, everyone in the modern age feels the effects of the real world and all it has to offer. People often feel subject to the criticism the world has to offer. The majority falls under one of the two categories and might not even knowing. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat provide a way to keep in touch with everybody under the sun, while also pulling one away from society, allowing them to be onlookers on the world from the comfort of their own homes. For most, a home in today 's society provides a safe haven for the harsh realities of the world today. Perhaps the “hermits” stay inside their shells out of fear.As a result,society has become blind to the simple fact that there is no longer a need to leave their comfort zone resulting in the possibility of being critiqued by Society.
The bright sun is depicted on a small house illuminating the welcoming front porch. The lawn is freshly cut, the bushes are beautifully trimmed, and the blossoming flowers suggest they’re routinely watered. There are tall staggering trees on the left side as well as the rear towering over the back of the house. The beautiful sky above this home is without a cloud in sight. You can
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