The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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The way we are judged and how we judge people play a vital role in how identities, communities, and generally societies are shaped. All our lives, we stay in an indirect war with ourselves; whether to spend our life in accordance with other people, or to do whatever we want, however we want? Apparently, it seems vividly justified as to which option should win. Everyone’s instinctive choice would be to spend their lives the way they want, but the truth is that we’re too afraid to ignore the ghost of judgement in most of the matters of our lives; too dependent on the ideas based on social constructionism. People try as much as they can to keep a controlled image of themselves in the society; how they are supposed to act. While constant supervision of oneself could be a hard task in real life, it could be a much easier one if the way we present ourselves is just a matter of a click or two. This paper argues how the growing use of social media allows us to regulate and efficiently control what part of our identities others can or cannot see, thus helping us to create “digital identities”. (Stoller, E. 2012)
From Identity to Digital Identity
Ever since platforms like Myspace, social media has evolved as a revolutionary change in the daily lives of people all across the globe. With websites like Facebook and Twitter, social media is now almost equivalent to the very basics of life, as endorsed in our routines as having food or sleep. From connecting with real-life
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